Poverty in Athens: What We Have Learned

Published August 28, 2006

Poverty is an ongoing problem that affects all segments of our community. We must continue to work together to address the many issues associated with poverty. This document, Poverty in Athens: What We Have Learned, is an update on the progress of the Partnership for a Prosperous Athens.

Over the last several months we have had conversations about issues of poverty in Athens with many citizens including religious and business leaders, service providers, parents, children and others most directly impacted by poverty. This report is based on information obtained from these conversations and meetings.

There are THREE MAJOR PURPOSES for this document:

  1. Identify problem areas that require further investigation and study. The next phase of our work will involve going deeper into the issues surrounding these identified areas.
  2. Provide a framework for constructive debate as ideas and solutions are discussed throughout the community.
  3. Further the process of setting the agenda for community commitment to change.

 What We've LearnedThe Learnings that are included in Poverty in Athens: What We Have Learned reflect efforts to capture the essence of the work of each of the committees and subcommittees. This document contains only learnings. Recommendations will follow in a report to be issued later. The entirety of each committee's learning statements can be found on their respective pages.