Initial Scope of Work

  • Improve graduation rate
  • Supporting academic success
  • Career/Tech/Vocational education must be emphasized
  • Need exposure to consumer economics
  • Promote adult literacy & education
  • Teenage pregnancy prevention education
  • Promote Performance Learning Centers as alternative learning
  • Comparison of graduation rate v. completion rate, and issues of why that's happening

The initial work program involves at least three sets of activities:

  • Define the issue. Take sufficient time to determine the scope of work for the subject area. The focus is, "In what ways does the subject affect persistent poverty?"
  • Measure. To identify bench marks for communicating the problem, measuring progress and ensuring accountability. "What needs to be understood in order to craft meaningful change strategies?"
  • Implementation strategies. To determine the most effective way to address the problem. To determine the most effective way to include considerations of culture, family and race on successful recommendations.