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  1. In order to meet the growing needs of caregivers for elderly and developmentally disabled adults, the dependent care committee recommends that an outreach and education program be implemented to train individuals living in Athens Clarke County with an income of no more than 150% of the federal poverty line to become Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA). Read more...
    1. This recommendation seeks to address the needs of the ACC community in three ways and help break the cycle of poverty in three ways.
      1. This program provides a marketable skill for people living at or near poverty.
      2. This program provides increased availability of skilled caregivers who can provide respite for persons providing dependent care to elders or disabled adults.
      3. This program decreases the likelihood that the dependent caregiver will need to reduce her or his own work hours (a pattern that can place the caregiver at increased risk for impoverishment).
    2. This recommendation will allow dependent caregivers to receive emergency care and regularly scheduled respite care because it provides training specifically for elders and adults with disabilities.
  2. There are needs in our adult dependent care community such as lawn care, home repair, transportation, and meal preparation that can not be fulfilled using traditional methods. Hence, there needs to be a system by which these everyday needs can be filled without overlapping with already existing services. We propose the development and implementation of a time/service barter system to meet these needs. Read more...