Initial Scope of Work

  • Cultural issues, like leaving children with older siblings
  • Educating baby-sitters
  • Need for 3-year-old care, from 0-4 need expanding
  • Transportation issues
  • Recognizing education, physical, and social needs required by quality child care
  • Employer involvement
  • Training
  • Costs
  • Sick-child care
  • Parenting skills in general
  • Shift-changes
  • Pre-K waiting lists

The initial work program involves at least three sets of activities:

  • Define the issue. Take sufficient time to determine the scope of work for the subject area. The focus is, "In what ways does the subject affect persistent poverty?"
  • Measure. To identify bench marks for communicating the problem, measuring progress and ensuring accountability. "What needs to be understood in order to craft meaningful change strategies?"
  • Implementation strategies. To determine the most effective way to address the problem. To determine the most effective way to include considerations of culture, family and race on successful recommendations.

* Note: The co-conveners and chairs recommended that this committee take a new broader scope with a rename from "Childcare" to "Dependent Care" to include elder, disabled and child care.