Teen Pregnancy

Reduce the teen pregnancy rate 25% by December 2010, providing comprehensive teen pregnancy prevention programs at schools, in places of worship, and in neighborhoods.

The focus of this initiative is to acknowledge that teen pregnancy continues to be a major issue in our community and needs teens, parents, churches, healthcare providers, schools, and other groups to become more pro-active in developing solutions. As this initiative reduces the number of teen pregnancies, poverty will be reduced. More teen-agers will remain in school and in the workforce, and fewer children will be born into poverty.

Progress Report

The OneAthens Teen Pregnancy Team has helped to get school board approval for a comprehensive sex education policy. The Team is also pursuing strategies with community and faith-based organizations, as well as parents, to implement appropriate educational programs that reduce at-risk sexual behavior. This initiative is pursuing a range of involvement for teens ranging from relationship and character development to providing access to birth control.