Create a community health foundation (with a Board including, but not limited to, healthcare providers) to coordinate funding and basic health services for those in poverty and near poverty by January 2008.

The focus of this initiative is to create a health foundation to support comprehensive delivery of primary and specialty health services for those in poverty and near poverty. This initiative will reduce poverty by providing better health services to the poor, thus reducing late stage care as well as keeping workers healthy and in the workforce. Efficient use of our health providers will also reduce the inefficient use of high cost emergency rooms for minor medical needs.

Progress Report

The OneAthens Health Team worked with primary care providers in developing the OneAthens Healthcare Plan to serve the primary health care needs of the estimated 14,250 uninsured in Athens. The Plan will operate as a 501(c)3 (non-profit, tax deductible organization) and have an initial work program with the following: Create a local health coverage plan for primary care; Support designation as a Federally Qualified Health Center for Athens Neighborhood Health Center; Develop clinics into Medical Home model; Create a Health Outreach and Navigator Network; Create a Physician Referral System; Create a Medication Assistance Program; and Develop Fundraising Strategies.