Education Team Members

Vivian Fisher, Co-Chair
Public Service and Outreach, UGA

Monica Knight
Clarke County School District, Student Achievement & Educational Equity

Lewis Shropshire
President-Motel Enterprises

Louis Castenell
College of Education, UGA

Kelly Girtz
ACC Commission/Clarke County Board of Education

Hattie Lawson
Clarke County Board of Education, Fourth Street Elementary School

Rick Dunn
Department of Family and Childrenís Services

John Knight
Clarke County School Board

Courtney Tobin
Fanning Institute, UGA

Deryl Bailey
UGA College of Education/Community

Karen Baynes
Carl Vinson Institute of Government

Alison Bracewell McCullick
Office of Senior VP for Academic Affairs

Jim Geiser
UGA Fanning Institute
jimgeiser3 [at] cox [dot] net706-542-6244