Affordable Housing

Develop an innovative housing strategy by July 2008 that preserves diverse communities and increases the supply of affordable housing across the continuum of housing needs, from homelessness to rental to homeownership, so that every resident is living in adequate, safe, and affordable housing by 2015.

The focus of this initiative is to develop a comprehensive housing strategy to address the housing needs of the entire Athens community. This initiative will reduce poverty by helping families to have safe places to live so that they can focus on their families and their jobs.

Progress Report

The OneAthens Housing Team is recommending a set of strategies that will increase the number of affordable units as well as meet the housing, financial, and credit counseling needs of Athens. A Comprehensive Housing Center is recommended to provide Housing, Financial, and Credit Counseling; marketing and referrals to existing services; and information about rental and homeownership opportunities. The Team also recommends the creation of a Housing Fund and ways to adapt county zoning, tax, and building regulations to increase affordable rental and homeownership preservation and development. Read Team Recommendations